Learning by doing

Children get to regularly practice multi-skilled activities that are adapted to their ages and interests. They develop their senses through music, fine arts, theatre, DIY activities, cooking, yoga, to name but a few. Kids learn English naturally, while creating, building and having fun – simply! To facilitate learning, workshops are centered around themes that are directly linked to children’s day-to-day life: family, friends, animals, the four seasons, special days, numbers, etc.

Developing children’s confidence

We know how daunting speaking a language can be… Even more so when it’s a second language. We endeavour to provide an environment where children feel safe and confident to speak and express themselves.

In small groups and in English only

Workshops are carried out entirely in English by native or bilingual professionals. They are organized in small groups, with children of similar ages. Our team is trained, qualified and experienced working with children of all ages.

Child-centered pedagogy, child-centered teaching

Each and every single child is unique and develops at their own pace. We respect each child’s own development stage and needs, we put a strong focus on recognizing and valuing each child’s skills and strengths and make sure no one is ever left in a situation of failure.

We believe we learn best when we can experience learning and connect it to the real world… even more so when it comes to learning a language!

A programme of quality and adapted to children

We follow a consistent and thorough curriculum, adapted to children aged from 1 to 11 and built in relation to the European programme for languages. We use a wide range of pedagogical tools (flashcards, story books, activity books, etc.) and some Montessori material. Children discover different themes throughout the year and get to explore them in depth over the course of several workshops. Pedagogical objectives are defined clearly. Parents receive a weekly overview, including a list of vocabulary children have gone through over the week. This gives parents the opportunity to know more about what has been done during the workshops and give them practical tools to help their kids practice English at home. Our objective is simple: we want children to develop a strong taste for English, enjoy speaking it in their day-to-day life, develop their creative skills along with gaining confidence in themselves and in their relationships with others.